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Here is where we keep the family side of the web for those who would like to know.  This is dedicated to the John and Maggie Durrwachter [Tennessee/Missouri 1912-1988] progeny and their offspring.  Here we list info on Reunions, Music, Art, Tragedy, and Honors.  Plus links to other sites about other family members.

There are 5 family Names represented here of the Durrwachter Global family.

Tennessee Branch. [5 family Names represented]

The Bennetts    The Bellagambas    The Courtoises    The Durrwachters         The Kizers

Carl                    Agustus [Gus]        Norvel                   Henry, O’neil,               Charles [Charlie]

Margaret            Louise                    Opal                      Charles, Doug, J C      Kay


Becky                David, Janet,           Nita              Chuck [Charles Lee Sr.]       Judy, Jim, Tim

                          Jack, Angela                                Lee Jr, Craig, Amy,

                                                                              Thom, Bill, Mark, Carole, Jo Anne

                                                                              Bob, Steve, Dennis, Dennis,

                                                                              Greg, Scott, Jeff, Clark [Henry],

                                                                              Ron, John.

Pennsylvania Branch

The Durrwachters

Lee Gordon,



If they have a separate site [non FACEBOOK] it will have a link on the Name.

The Personal side of the Durrwachter Family.